Jerry Jones: Tony Romo is no bus driver

PHOENIX -- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants to see results, especially when it comes to quarterback Tony Romo.

Jones wants the Cowboys' offensive coaches to utilize Romo's skill set even more. Romo has a strong arm, mobility and command of the offense. The Cowboys are in the process of extending Romo's contract and want to make sure that when they do give him a three- or five-year extension, the coaches are making sure he's the focal point of the offense.

Jones mentioned how the same thing happened in the 1990s with Hall of Famer Troy Aikman.

"Stay tuned. He is going to have high expectations," Jones said of Romo. "I expect him to be used. We didn't extend Troy Aikman, although Troy had won three Super Bowls, we didn't make the financial commitment to Troy not to have Troy be a critical, if not the critical part of what our team was about and our ability to move the ball. That is going to be the kind of emphasis we have with Romo. He is not going to be paid to be a bus driver.

"Tony sees remarkably. He sees the cars on the highway, so to speak. He reacts well on what he sees. And he is real good at taking his eye away from it and going back to it and throwing it. Those are really unique skills. We ought to be winning with that. Have we maximized everything that he is about to get it done?"

Romo can be an unstoppable force. He had a eight-week stretch where he threw 17 touchdowns and had just three interceptions. However, there are times that he stops himself -- Romo tied for the league-lead in interceptions, including three in the regular-season finale with a playoff berth on the line.

The Cowboys want Romo to succeed badly because of the potential financial commitment they're about to give him.

"This thing has got to be oriented toward his skills, and we've got to be able to take advantage of all the things he does best," Jones said. "Nobody knows better than Tony, Jason (Garrett) and Wade (Wilson) and that offensive staff. We got a great combination now of some fresh guys on the staff and some guys that know him well. But I do expect us to be creative."