Jason Garrett on play-calling duties: 'Nothing really new'

PHOENIX -- Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett met with reporters for nearly an hour Wednesday morning and said no decision has been made regarding who will be calling plays on offense.

Garrett has called the plays since he arrived in 2007, but there is speculation that offensive line coach/offensive coordinator Bill Callahan will take over in 2013.

Team owner/general manager Jerry Jones said it's Garrett's decision to make.

"Nothing really new on that from where we talked last time," Garrett said. "We are still going through the process of what we did last year. That is an ongoing process for us. It's always been a collective process of how we call plays in terms of our staff being together -- our game planning, our communication during the game -- so that won’t change. Some of the mechanics we still have to work out as we go forward. But nothing has changed from the last time we talked."

In the past, Garrett has said he'd give up play-calling duties some day. At the end of the 2012 season, however, Garrett said he expected things to remain "status quo."

But changes within the organization have prompted new ways of thinking.

"The job of a head coach is a significant one with a lot of responsibilities," Garrett said. "The job of an offensive coordinator/play-caller is a significant one with a lot of responsibilities. And I understand it because I have been doing it for the last two and half years. There is a reason that 28 of the 32 head coaches don’t do it. But there are some compelling examples as to why you do do it. It's been something that has been relatively successful for us."