So is Jerry Jones calling Jason Garrett out?

PHOENIX -- Jerry Jones said he wants the Cowboys' coaching staff to utilize quarterback Tony Romo's skill set even more.

Romo has an excellent arm, mobility, great vision and a command of the offense. His abilities allow the Cowboys to use Romo in different ways.

But Jones' comments on Tuesday seemed to take aim at Garrett and the rest of the offensive coaches. Or did it?

"I think you are trying to do that with all your players," Garrett said. "We spend a lot of time talking about who have playing for us and what they can and can’t do and trying to put them in the best position possible. We have a system of offensive football that we believe in. We feel like it’s a flexible system. We feel like if we have these particular guys playing and these are their strengths, we very easy can do what they do best. We can avoid some of these things."

Romo has to throw more when the Cowboys are behind in games, which is expected. The Cowboys' running game struggled last season (31st in the NFL) and that put more pressure on Romo to make plays. When a quarterback is doing too much, mistakes sometimes happen -- as Romo had 19 interceptions, which tied for the league lead.

The Cowboys don't want Romo to feel like he has to do everything to win games.

"The thing you try to do as a football team is you try to attack teams different ways and you try to take the burden off of individual guys," Garrett said. "Now the burden on the quarterback in the NFL in 32 cities is significant. That comes with the dinner. Now having said that, the better you are around him, the better, more effective he is going to be. A better running game. Multiple targets to throw the football to. All of those things would certainly help the quarterback and alleviate some of the burden."