Finding another Tony Romo won't be easy

IRVING, Texas -- A faction of you want Tony Romo gone from the Dallas Cowboys.

You're tired of the big-game flops and meltdowns when it matters most. You don't want to see Jerry Jones give him a long-term deal -- think six years and $100 million with at least $40 million guaranteed -- because you don't believe in your heart that Romo can deliver the Vince Lombardi Trophy you so desperately crave.

I get that. All of that.

You see Romo's talent, and it's mesmerizing. You see the mistakes he makes at winning time, and it's mind-numbing.

Some of you figure the Cowboys have just completed consecutive 8-8 seasons with Romo, so why should the club spend close to $100 million for that? You believe, perhaps, the money would be better spent fortifying other aspects of the team.

Here's the problem: You're not guaranteed to find another Romo. Scoff if you want, but it's true.

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