Cowboys commitment to Tony Romo is strong

The Cowboys commitment to quarterback Tony Romo has never been stronger.

Executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team expects Romo to carry a high salary cap number in the future and doesn't believe there's anything wrong with that. Several NFL teams have their quarterbacks take up close to 20 percent of the salary cap because that's what you pay franchise quarterbacks.

The notion the Cowboys are in trouble with Romo regarding his new contract is all wrong.

A source close to the talks said there's no timetable regarding a new deal because both sides want to stay together.

So the questions really is: When?

"I don't have that answer there," Jerry Jones said at the NFL owners meetings last week. "We all have to decide what date that is. Everybody involved. His agents. Him. Me. Us. But it's not a concern of mine. The point I do want to make when we make this kind of commitment, I feel good about making it. I feel good about where he is in his career. I like the fact that he spent the time he spent with Jason (Garrett) and Wade Wilson."

Just listen to players such as Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray, who are rallying around Romo like never before. Check out the disappointment the offensive linemen have when they miss a block and allow Romo to take a hit.

Romo has emerged into a leader on this team. It took a while, but it's true, regardless of how certain fans feel about it.

With Romo's skill-set and his leadership abilities, it's given the Cowboys' front office confidence to trust him even more. A long-term deal will get done.

While it would be smart to draft a quarterback in the middle rounds, the Cowboys don't feel pressured to do that.

"This thing has got to be oriented toward his skills and we got to be able to take advantage of all the things he does best," Jones said. "Nobody knows better than Tony and that offensive staff."