Weekend mailbag: Tony Romo a popular subject

The mailbag is jammed with questions and comments about Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Here we go:

Q: I think Romo is OK, but man, Jerry Jones has clearly lost his mind. What the hell is he thinking giving him that much money? Dude needs to start winning in big games and stop choking like he always does. I'm not a hater. I give credit where credit is due, but Romo is not even close to deserving the money he got. I've been a Cowboys fan since I was knee-high, and if you ask me, the trade the Cowboys need to make is Jerry Jones for another owner. -- Abel M (San Antonio)

A: Well, Abel, they're not going to trade Jerry. I do believe the Cowboys made the right decision in terms of locking Romo up. I don't agree with the amount of money spent on him. With that type of contract, the expectations increase and I'm not sure Romo can bring a Super Bowl to Dallas.

Q: Why do the Cowboys still believe in Tony Romo? He has proven that he can't win a big game on a big stage like in the playoffs. Why keep giving him big money when he messes up with the game is on the line? -- Marlon Greene (Stone Mountain, Ga.)

A: Romo's record in win-or-go home games is 1-6. That's a mark that will follow him until he wins those types of games. Romo is a good quarterback -- not an elite one -- but the market dictated he receive a big-money deal. The Cowboys are confident that he's the long-term solution. There's nobody else on the roster capable of moving the team into a deep playoff run. Now, the Cowboys should draft a quarterback this year and next just to look to the future. Romo can't play forever, but you better have a replacement ready when he's 36 years old.

Q: Do you think that DeMarco Murray will be the Cowboys' long-term running back? -- Kevin Royster (Springtown, Texas)

A: That's a good question because Stephen Jones was talking about the durability of that position at the NFL owners meetings two weeks ago. Running backs in this league get nicked up more than ever before. The average shelf life is three years, in general. Remember Marion Barber? His decline started in 2008 and he was never the same after all those injuries. Murray is young enough where you can believe in him for two or three more years. But you have to be nervous about his long-term availability. I think it's too early to say he's the long-term answer at running back. If he finishes the 2013 season without missing any games, then let's re-evaluate things. Right now, keep it the short term.

Q: Do you think they will trade Anthony Spencer on draft day? -- Mark Harris (Laurence Harbor, N.J.)

A: Spencer isn't going anywhere. He had his most productive season last year with a career-high 11 sacks and he's moving to a new position (defensive end) in a scheme that needs defensive linemen who push the pocket. What do you get for Spencer? A first? A second and a third? What's acceptable to you? Trading Spencer isn't going to help the Cowboys unless it moves them into the top 5 of the first round, and I don't believe a team is willing to do that.

Q: The Cowboys will go 8-8 in 2013 with another bonehead throw by Romo. Had Romo drove his team to victory against the Redskins, this team would be one step forward, instead, two coaches backwards. There will never be a proven coach in Dallas until Jerry holds Romo accountable. -- Jackie Hunter (Portsmouth, Va.)

A: The interesting thing about Romo's massive contract is the team is basically saying "It's time to win a Super Bowl. No more excuses." When I've read the news releases from the team, Jerry and Romo talk about Super Bowls. The franchise doesn't want it to be a dream anymore; it's about making it a reality.