Tony Romo tops the Cowboys' salary cap

Here are the Cowboys' latest salary cap figures for the 2013 season.

Quarterback Tony Romo continues to have the highest salary cap figure for the season coming in at $11.8 million. Before Romo signed his mega contract for $119.5 million, his cap number was $16.8 million.

Here are the Top 10 salary cap figures for 2013.

1. Tony Romo, $11.8 million

2. Anthony Spencer, $10.6 million

3. Doug Free, $10.02 million

4. DeMarcus Ware, $8.093 million

5. Brandon Carr, $5.4 million

6. Jason Witten, $4.35 million

7. Jay Ratliff, $4.072 million

8. Morris Claiborne, $3.6 million

9. Miles Austin, $3.58 million

10. Tyron Smith, $3.4 million

Note: Romo's base salary is $1.5 million. The highest base salary for the Cowboys in 2013 is currently Spencer's at $10.6 million but that's his franchise tag number. Doug Free comes in with the second-highest base salary of $7 million. Base salaries of several players were turned into signing bonus money to lower 2013 cap figures. For example, Austin's $6.7 million base salary was turned into signing bonus money to lower his cap figure from $6.7 million to $3.58 million. Austin will earn a base salary of $840,000 this season.