Cowboys weekend mailbag: Is DeMarcus Ware out of line?

We got our weekend mailbag ready to go.

Q: Mr. Watkins, please give me a response to this mock draft: Say safety is a priority to this team and I'm 100 percent with you on that one. It frustrates the heck out of me when I see mock drafts saying we're going to pick a guard or a defensive tackle. We have three great defensive tackles with Jay Ratliff, Jason Hatcher and Sean Lissemore. There is no need to waste your first round pick on something you already got. Whatever happen to our young guys with David arkin and Kevin Kowalski? I'm pretty sure they can step up this offseason and pick up a starting role coming into Week 1 of the 2013 Dallas Cowboys season. So here is my mock draft: First round, safety Kenny Vaccaro, Second round, Alabama guard/center Barrett Jones, third-round defensive end Alex Okafor, fourth round, Ryan Swope, fifth round, Zach Line and sixth round Josh Boyd, the defensive tackle from Mississippi State. Benigno Layton (Elsa, Texas)

A: I like your first-round pick in Vacarro, if he's there at No. 18. Jones is a solid second-round choice. If you pick Jones in the second round, I doubt if Okafor will be there in round three. Not a big fan of Swope or Line in the middle rounds. I'm assuming you like them because of their ties to the state of Texas. Cowboys already have a good slot receiver on the roster, Cole Beasley and Lawrence Vickers is a good fullback, who enters the final year of his contract. I do like Boyd in the sixth because there's nothing wrong with getting depth along the defensive line.

Q: Do you think that Courtney Greene the free agent would be a good fit for the Cowboys seeing how every year they have secondary problems? Kenneth J. Schena (New Rochelle, N.Y.)

A: Considering that Greene is from New Rochelle, I can understand why you would ask this question. Greene has two problems going for him: 1. Didn't play football last year. 2. Only one interception and one forced fumble in three NFL seasons. Cowboys defensive coaches want players who force turnovers. Greene worked out for the New England Patriots late last season and didn't get signed. He's still young, 26, but I don't believe he's a good fit for the Cowboys at this time.

Q: You can blame several people for the lack of recent playoff appearances by the Cowboys, but DeMarcus Ware stopped short of blaming quarterback Tony Romo, who just signed the richest contract in franchise history. Ware needs to shut up his comment about Romo's contract and it's time to put up. Well, it's actually time for Ware to put up. He has disappeared in big games. Doug (Cleveland)

A: Ware wasn't blaming Romo for anything, he was saying the entire team needs to put up or shut up. He's right. He's probably a little frustrated by the lack of playoff success from the Cowboys. Ware is a big-time player, especially late in games. Ware has a right to say what he wants because he's considered an elite player at his position, and Romo is not.