Training camp could return to San Antonio

The Cowboys haven't officially announced when training camp will begin in Oxnard, Calif., but it's the second consecutive year camp will start on the West Coast.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the organization hasn't ruled out a return to San Antonio in the near future. The Cowboys last conducted training camp in San Antonio in 2011.

"No one loves San Antonio more than the Dallas Cowboys," Jones said on KZDC-AM on Tuesday. "I think they may be a bigger percentage of the population that are Cowboys fans in San Antonio than they maybe are in the Metroplex. We certainly cherish our relationship with San Antonio, albeit we don't have a specific time (on a return).

"My money says we'll be back there again. We always have a great experience there and we certainly never take for granted our great following and our great fans there in San Antonio, and the city there has never treated us with anything but the best. We certainly look forward to coming back there in the future."

The Cowboys signed a five-year deal with the city of San Antonio to hold training camp practices at the Alamodome in 2007.

Last year, the Cowboys returned to Oxnard for the first time since 2008, when they had training camp in Oxnard because of an event in San Antonio.