Ex-Cowboys QB's body paying the price

There's an interesting story on former Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback Brad Johnson in USA Today detailing his post-NFL life. Johnson played with four NFL teams during a 17-year career that ended in 2008 after a two-year stint with the Cowboys.

Johnson won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay and compiled a 72-53 mark as a starter, including a 1-2 record when replacing an injured Tony Romo.

In the USA Today story, Johnson discusses the constant struggle he has had with his health.

"I go down one step at a time with two feet. One step. One step. One step," the 44-year-old former NFL quarterback tells USA Today's Robert Klemko. "My 73-year-old dad was visiting and I told my son to help him get his suitcases up the steps. He walks slow and he's got a bad knee. He starts walking and my son turns to me and he says, 'Dad, he walks just like you.' "I never thought it would be like this."

Johnson said he wouldn't change anything about his career or how he played. This one quote from the story jumped out at me more than any other: "Deacon Jones said you have to give your body to the game," Johnson says. "You look at him and his fingers are crooked. His eyes are probably crooked, too. But he's right — you have to give your body."