Sharrif Floyd can make Cowboys look foolish

IRVING, Texas – Got a sense of draft-day déjà vu?

This feels a lot like 2004, when a prospect who filled a major need tumbled down the first round right into the Cowboys’ laps … and Jerry Jones decided to trade down instead of making what seemed to be a no-brainer pick.

That didn’t exactly work out for the Cowboys. Steven Jackson is still running strong after racking up 10,135 career rushing yards, more than doubling the career total of Julius Jones, the back the Cowboys selected with their second-round pick. They at least got good trade-chart value in that deal, although the production of Marcus Spears, the 2005 first-round pick they added, certainly didn’t justify passing on Jackson.

We’ll see whether defensive tackle Shariff Floyd makes the Cowboys look foolish. Widely considered a top-five talent, he fell all the way to the Vikings at No. 23 overall. Maybe Floyd, who only had 4.5 career sacks at Florida, was overrated in the pre-draft process. Time will tell.

The Vikings have benefited before from the Cowboys surprisingly passing on a potentially elite talent who would have filled a major need in Dallas. Remember Randy Moss?

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, the video of coach Jason Garrett in the Cowboys’ war room right after Jerry pulled the trigger on the trade would have caused censors to sweat. Garrett might offer the company line later, but he clearly didn’t appear to be pleased.

We couldn’t see new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, whose Tampa 2 scheme requires a disruptive three-technique tackle, such as Floyd.

Kiffin has benefitted greatly from a Jerry trade-down deal before. The Cowboys dealt the No. 28 overall pick to Tampa Bay in 1995, turning it a couple of second-round busts (G Shane Hannah and RB Sherman Williams) and run-of-the-mill fourth-round tight end Eric Bjornson. The Bucs took linebacker Derrick Brooks and watched him make 11 Pro Bowls.