Travis Frederick surprised at selection

IRVING, Texas -- One of the more interesting moments from the first round of Thursday night's draft was the Dallas Cowboys' pick, center Travis Frederick, saying he was surprised to get selected at No. 31.

The Cowboys had a second-round grade on Frederick, but he was the 22nd player ranked on their board. Dallas had 19 players with first-round grades.

"A little surprised," Frederick said. "I thought that I was going to probably fit somewhere in the second round, but Dallas had showed a lot of interest in me throughout the process. I knew that they definitely needed a little bit of help inside and were looking to upgrade that. I think that I'm going to fit in pretty well down there."

Frederick didn't have the fastest 40 (5.58) or the strongest bench press (225 pounds 21 times), but he noted those numbers don't give a true indication of his strength.

"I wasn't too concerned with that," he said. "I think there's different reasons for different things happening like the stuff of how my bench (press) goes. I think that's something Wisconsin is not known for doing well at is the reps because we've always been trained to do low reps, high intensity. So we do single reps or double reps and I do very well on those areas."

A fast center/guard isn't something that NFL teams always need, but Frederick does need to reach the second level after blocking defenders.

"I definitely didn't run as well as I could have, and I probably could have run it again at pro day," he said. "But it wouldn't have been a whole lot better. It would have been a little bit better, I guess. But I don't think that's truly indicative of the way that I play either. I think the film really shows how I play."