Kyle Wilber switching positions

IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys’ move to the 4-3 scheme will bring a position switch for Kyle Wilber.

Wilber, a fourth-round pick last year, will play defensive end after indications earlier in the offseason were that he would compete for one of the outside linebacker spots.

“Kyle Wilber is going to start out as a defensive end for us, and one of the things we liked about him coming out as an outside linebacker and what his best trait was as a pass rusher,” coach Jason Garrett said. “We feel like the easiest transition for him will be to put his hand on the ground and be that pass rusher as opposed to the off the ball linebacker. We’ll see how he adjusts to it and once we get on the field we’ll make that determination going forward.”

Wilber played a hybrid role at Wake Forest and had 13.5 sacks in his career. He played sparingly last season and was slowed by finger and hand injuries. At 246 pounds, he will need to add bulk.

“The traits you want in the defensive line in this defense is quickness and speed,” Garrett said. “Kyle needs to be bigger, but you’ve got to be careful to get too big because we want him to have some juice off the ball.”