Jason Garrett on the first-round move

IRVING, Texas – The NFL Draft can be such a farce. Really, it can.

There is so much analysis beforehand that teams, draftniks, media and fans can just about over-think anything.

As Jason Garrett walked out of the press conference Thursday night, I asked him, ‘Why can’t it just be as simple as taking the best guy available on your board?

Now I know there are shades of gray in everything, but this is a team that held firm on Tyron Smith at No. 9 in 2011 and didn’t take first- and second-round picks from Jacksonville and then traded up to get Morris Claiborne last year by giving up their second round pick.

There is no doubt Sharrif Floyd was the highest player available on the Cowboys board when they picked at No. 18. There is no doubt defensive line was/is a need for this team. Would Floyd be a perfect fit? Maybe not. But to hear the talk of short arms and a lack of a pass rush since the Cowboys didn’t take him, why did they have him so high on their board?

Anyway, back to my question to Garrett. Here’s his response:

“You can absolutely do that and we’ve done that in the past,” Garrett said. “And we just felt in this situation we saw the different people who were available to you and what we might be able to get for moving down, so we just felt really positive about that. At the end of the day you evaluate the pick we made, Travis Frederick, plus the third rounder that we got versus who we would get at 18. We feel like this draft is pretty rich in the second round and third round and feel like that additional pick can really help our football team.”