Cowboys summon Romo for draft advice

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys officials summoned quarterback Tony Romo to the Valley Ranch facility on Friday to look at some tape of prospective draft picks before the start of the draft.

Romo told Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones he liked what he saw from tight end Gavin Escobar, and wide receiver Terrance Williams, who eventually became draft picks.

Escobar was drafted in the third round and is projected as a pass-catching tight end who allows the Cowboys to possibly use three tight ends. Williams was picked up in the fourth round, and he's an outside receiver who gives Miles Austin the ability to play as a slot and outside receiver.

Romo also told Jones he liked the pick of center Travis Frederick, the first-rounder from Wisconsin. Romo told Jones he now feels he'll have that extra second he needs to make plays because Frederick is a big, strong center who Jones said can become the foundation of the line.

"We were very interested in seeing specifically spend our time with Tony on Escobar and Terrence Williams and one other receiver," Jerry Jones said. "We just wanted him to spend some time looking at it, and he does a good job of that. We wanted to visit about the very thing that [coach] Jason [Garrett] has addressed, and that is Escobar: 'How confident will you be? What do you think with that package with [three] tight ends in there?' He's got a good perspective."

It's not the first time Romo or other former Cowboys' quarterbacks have looked at prospective draft picks to give their opinion as to whether or not they can work with them.

Hall of Famer, Troy Aikman also worked out some draft picks for the Jones family when he played for the Cowboys.

"We took Troy to workouts sometimes," team executive vice president Stephen Jones said. "It's input, and like Jerry said, spend a small amount of time, but it's interesting to get another perspective."