Jerry: Team's top three picks in 'early 20s' on draft board

IRVING, Texas -- As far as Jerry Jones is concerned, his first-round trade-down deal was further justified Friday night.

The Cowboys took Baylor wide receiver Terrance Williams with the No. 74 overall pick, which they acquired from the San Francisco 49ers along with No. 31 (Wisconsin center Travis Frederick) in exchange for the 18th pick.

Jones wanted to make sure the media knew that Williams was way higher than 74th on the Cowboys’ draft board.

For that matter, Jones said that the Cowboys considered San Diego State tight end Gavin Escobar a bargain with the 47th overall pick.

“If you look at those first three picks, if you could see our draft boards, you could see beginning in the early 20s those first three picks right there within about four of each other,” Jones said. “Those first three on our draft board are right there in that early-twenty area.”

Frederick, whom Jones refers to as “a foundation in the middle” of the offensive line, was No. 22 on the Cowboys’ board. Escobar and Williams were actually in the mid-20s. The Cowboys gave 19 players first-round grades, so they considered their top three picks all high second-round talents.