Cowboys not done looking for TE, maybe RB

IRVING, Texas -- The last day of the NFL draft is here and with four rounds left, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said just because the franchise drafted a tight end in round three doesn't mean the front office is done.

Gavin Escobar was selected in the third round and has the ability to become a pass catching tight end, something that Jason Witten and James Hanna is. Yet, the Cowboys do have a need for a blocking tight end and Jones said that can still happen.

"We're not through yet and we may be in the blocking tight end business," Jones said. "My point is we’re going to block better; we will block better and we block better if we got three or two tights out there or three wide receivers. That was very much in our minds."

Prior to the draft, the Cowboys voiced concern about the durability of starting running back DeMarco Murray, who missed six games in 2012 with a foot injury.

After three rounds, the Cowboys didn't draft a running back yet had high regard for Giovani Bernard, Le'Veon Bell, Eddie Lacy.

"We're not through," Jones said about getting a running back. "We just we had a real good grade on them. We aren't through at running back. I hate to answer no, they didn’t temp us, as it turns out the Williams thing hit us real good we needed that to happen once in a draft."

The Williams thing is the Cowboys getting Baylor wide receiver Terrence Williams in the third round. The Cowboys didn't anticipate that happening because they figured he would be gone. Jones said the Cowboys came into the draft with the anticipation of going heavy on offense and achieved that with three of their four picks on the offensive side of the ball.