Fullback position could be endangered

IRVING, Texas – Lawrence Vickers picked the wrong time to need back surgery, not that there’s a good time to need back surgery.

The Cowboys’ decision to draft tight end Gavin Escobar in the second round, coupled with the never-ending discussion of the offense’s renewed use of the “12 personnel” grouping has put Vicker’s job in doubt as well as the long-term future of a true fullback.

“You certainly have to ask that question both in your roster makeup as you go to training camp and as you get into the season,” coach Jason Garrett said when asked about the long-term prognosis of the position given what happened during the three-day draft. “We like two-back runs like everybody in the league likes two-back runs. How do you get there? That’s something that’s going to be determined. Lawrence Vickers has done a nice job for us at the fullback position. We like using him. Fullbacks are harder to come by because not many play there in high school and not many play it in college. It’s been an issue for us for a number of years. Typically one or two get drafted every year.”

The Cowboys have used their tight ends at fullback in the past, but it’s interesting to note that New England, an offense that the Cowboys could attempt to emulate in 2013, did not have a traditional fullback on the active roster.