What's in Cowboys Stadium name?

IRVING, Texas – Thanks to a 20-year deal for $220 million, San Francisco’s new home will be called Levi’s Stadium.

By the end of the month, Cowboys Stadium will turn 4 and it has yet to be given a corporate name.

Since taking over the Dallas Cowboys, owner and general manager Jerry Jones has monetized just about everything surrounding his organization. However, the item that could bring Jones the most money is still for sale: naming rights.

But does it matter?

The franchise was recently valued at $2.1 billion, according to Forbes Magazine's rankings. What the Cowboys take in from sponsors like Ford, AT&T, Miller and Pepsi is most likely worth more than most stadium naming rights’ deals.

There’s a cache to Cowboys Stadium now. The same way there is a cache to Yankee Stadium.

Cowboys Stadium is a destination spot. The first college football national championship game will be played there in 2015. The NCAA Final Four will be there next March. It has hosted one Super Bowl and will receive others. The Cotton Bowl calls the stadium home. Major college football games come to the stadium each year. So do major international soccer games. The NBA All-Star Game was played there, setting an attendance record.

Could a sponsor’s name one day come to Cowboys Stadium? Sure, but the longer it goes, the more Cowboys Stadium gets seared into the brain to the point where a corporate name might not matter.

Here’s what Jones had to say about naming rights in 2011 after AEG and Farmer’s Insurance entered into a massive agreement for a proposed stadium that appears to likely never be built:

“I have always said that unless we are ready in the right way with the right partner, then Cowboys Stadium is the way we want it. Never had naming rights on Texas Stadium either, because I wanted the focus to be more on the Cowboys and the team. ... I must say to you that I feel good that our stadium and the comments that will be made about the stadium, the visual images of the stadium, that it will be referred to as Cowboys Stadium.”