J.J. Wilcox shows physical side

"I like being physical," J.J. Wilcox said Saturday. It certainly showed on the second day of the Cowboys' rookie minicamp. AP Photo/James D Smith

IRVING, Texas -- J.J. Wilcox described himself as a physical safety even if he has played the position just one year at Georgia Southern. When he played running back, he thought of himself as physical.

“That’s why my touchdowns were limited,” Wilcox said. “I wanted to be a bruiser, run guys over. I like being physical. There’s only one way I play it: the way I was taught.”

Maybe it was no coincidence that Wilcox was involved in the biggest collision in Saturday’s morning practice. He sent running back Kendial Lawrence spinning after the two collided in what is supposed to be a noncontact practice.

“They tell you to fly around,” Wilcox said. “They know it wasn’t on purpose. I’m a rookie, second day of camp. They figure, ‘Hey, he don’t know better.’ Next time [I] do it, I’ll probably get in trouble for it.”