Cowboys rookies can remain for offseason

IRVING, Texas – Having just completed minicamp Sunday, Cowboys rookies can be at Valley Ranch to take part in the full offseason program today.

Some players will return to school to finish classes this week and graduate, such as first-round pick Travis Frederick, but will return quickly. Cornerback B.W. Webb was allowed to miss the final minicamp practice so he could attend William & Mary’s graduation.

The Cowboys have on-field teaching sessions Tuesday and Thursday and will begin organized team activities next week. The full-team minicamp is scheduled for June 11-13.

Last year Matt Johnson did not return to the Cowboys until the final day of the June minicamp because of league rules, and it had an impact on his rookie season.

Coach Jason Garrett said there are a couple of players that will not be able to attend the entire remaining offseason program because the players’ schools are still in session.

“Obviously you’d rather have guys here than not here, that’s just the nature of it,” Garrett said. “It’s the luck of the draft, what school you went to and what their academic calendar looked like. It’s never something that’s negatively impacted a player. We’ve never not taken a player because he’s on that academic calendar in college, but there’s no question guys being here, learning what we’re trying to ask them to do both technically and within the system will help them.”