All quiet with Dez Bryant, and that's a good thing

The offseason is in full swing and there are no negative stories coming from Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

No issues at a mall, no issues with family, nothing.

Peace and quiet.

Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones expects it that way and joked that his private line hasn't rung once because of Bryant.

"He's certainly matured," Jones said Monday night during an interview on Sirius/XM Radio. "You would expect that, you hope for that and that is happening. Football means everything to him and he certainly had a lot of growing up to do, probably more so than your average player in the NFL. He's quick to understand that and he's doing that and he's doing it at a real fast pace. I know better to really get too positive because you can really get that call."

A mature Bryant, one who is gaining command of the offense and of his personal life, should be seen as a positive.