Big Ben speaks up; Tony Romo doesn't

On Tuesday, two NFL quarterbacks -- one with two Super Bowl rings and another with none -- spoke about changes regarding their team's offense.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo danced around questions regarding changes to the offense and refused to answer who will call plays, saying only: "I'm just the quarterback and I'm trying to get better and help this team."

Romo didn't answer if he asked for more input with the game plan.

"The older you get, you develop that a little bit as a quarterback," Romo said. "If you do some good things in the past, then that allows you to show that you can have a little more of that. That's part of the growth that takes shape."

Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, Ben Roethlisberger also talked to reporters about changes to the Steelers' offense.

"There's been some changes this offseason in some of the offensive philosophies, playbook and some things that I think are good," Roethlisberger said, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "It's some compromise from all the different position coaches, the running back coaches, the line, and quarterback coaches. I think we've taken a little bit of everything and made it a lot better."

When asked if he requested the changes, Roethlisberger laughed.

"There were some things," he said.

Romo had a chance to take a similar stand Tuesday regarding his role with the team. Romo has always had input with the offense. After all, he's the quarterback. But Jerry Jones put him in a bind by talking about his increased role as if he never had one before.

I've always thought Jones was trying to justify Romo's new $108 million contract by adding these "duties" to Romo's responsibilities. The quarterback's time at Valley Ranch and his input with the offense might increase a little bit, but not much more than it's been in the past.

Romo had a chance to say this Tuesday. He didn't.