Learning never ends for Gavin Escobar

IRVING, Texas – Tight end Gavin Escobar sat at his locker scrolling through his iPad playbook on Monday and the pages never seemed to stop.

“Luckily, with the rookie camp I got a feel for some of the offense, but there’s still a lot to learn,” Escobar said.

It did not take long for him figure out to watch Jason Witten, an eight-time Pro Bowler and the Cowboys’ all-time leading receiver.

“During individual drills I’d try and look at his feet and his footwork,” said Escobar, the Cowboys' second round pick. “He’s one of the best. I’m just trying to learn from him.”

Tony Romo took some time to help Escobar too.

“It was little things, just running routes on air that he thinks will be helpful,” Escobar said. “Kind of more like the next jump up in level, there are little things that you’re not even conscious about or aware of and he’s telling me about them.”