Like other No. 88, Dez Bryant wants to run all day

IRVING, Texas – When the Cowboys gave Dez Bryant jersey No. 88 in 2010 they did not try to shy away from comparisons to and expectations of Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson.

Jason Garrett has long said Irvin’s greatest attribute was his ability to keep working when everybody else tired. Irvin would run route after route after route long after everybody left Valley Ranch, and a lot of the time Garrett was throwing the passes.

As Bryant begins his fourth season with the Cowboys, the receiver is trying to incorporate more Irvin into his game.

“Just being able to run all day,” Bryant said. “I hear coach talk about it all the time, and that’s one of my goals.”

In order to run all day, Bryant is spending more time on the StairMaster and, well, running all day.

“Trying to increase my endurance as much as I can, not thinking about tapping out, just being able to go every play 100 mph,” Bryant said.