Jason Garrett should come clean

Starting Tuesday, Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett will have three days with the media during the veteran minicamp. During these talks with reporters, Garrett most likely will be asked about the play caller again.

It's already been confirmed Bill Callahan will call the offensive plays, despite Garrett's refusal to address it and owner/general manager Jerry Jones telling reporters to watch practice.

When you watch practice, Callahan is calling the plays. Garrett is watching.

But Garrett needs to come clean here. It's too late if the Cowboys decide to switch back to Garrett over Callahan because that would mean there's more confusion than we all thought.

Garrett has to tell reporters what the deal is with the play caller. Of course, Garrett doesn't think this is a big deal, but in reality it is. Garrett wouldn't have left Miami for the Cowboys to just coach the quarterbacks in 2007. He left to call plays.

At one point, Garrett knew he was going to stop calling plays in his career, and he's even told reporters this.

The time is now.

If Garrett was forced out of the play calling duties, then I understand why he's hesitant to admit a duty was taken from him. If Garrett is making this decision on his own accord, then fine, admit it to reporters and move on with your life.

Garrett is putting his time with the Cowboys in the hands of Callahan and if they both fail, meaning no playoff berth, resumes will be handed out. Garrett understands this more than anybody.

Jones doesn't make things easier by implying who will call the plays, but then again, that's not his job. It's Garrett's job to lead the Cowboys to the postseason.

In each of the last two seasons, the Cowboys had a chance to clinch a playoff berth but lost in the regular season finale. You can blame Garrett all you want about the last two games, but the facts are he's got his team within a game of the playoffs.

He can't get credit for almost getting there. He's got to get credit for pushing his team into the playoffs. If the Cowboys are going to the postseason, men like Monte Kiffin (defensive coordinator) and Callahan (play caller) will dictate things on the field while Garrett will manage other things.

Garrett said last week he's not worried about a power struggle or how he looks in the eyes of the public. He knows he's in charge of the Dallas Cowboys.

If that's the case, Garrett needs to tell the general public, through the media, that Callahan is calling the plays. He's still the head coach. He's still the face of the franchise.

Next week is the time for Garrett to take a stand and tell everybody what the deal is regarding the offense. If he doesn't this issue won't go away until July when training camp opens.

That would be sad.