Long-term deal looks unlikely for Spencer

IRVING, Texas -- After reviewing Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones' comments about Anthony Spencer on Thursday afternoon, it leaves me to believe a deal won't get done for the defensive end before July 15.

That date is the deadline for any NFL team who has franchised a player to finalize a long-term contract.

“There’s nothing here that’s not on the up and up and friendly,” Jones said Thursday. “If it works out, it works out. We’d love to have Spencer here, but we also understand it has got to work for him, too.”

Spencer is franchised at $10.6 million.

Here's what Spencer said on Wednesday regarding a new deal: "I told (my agent, Jordan Woy) to contact me when they get it done. He talked to me about the numbers, but we're just not on the same page right now. If we get close, we can get it done. If not, we won't. I'm not too worried about it."

The Cowboys have $9.7 million in salary-cap space available for signings, which also includes the unsigned draft picks.

At this stage, it seems the Cowboys are willing to let Spencer keep his $10.6 million and play the season out. If Spencer has a solid season, then he'll hit the open market and the Cowboys will enter a bidding war for his services with other NFL teams.

The Cowboys have young backups Sean Lissemore and Kyle Wilber who could take over at end if necessary. The Cowboys didn't draft a defensive end in the draft, but you must believe the franchise will address the position in 2014.

Spencer is a good player, but not elite, and given what the Cowboys are willing or not willing to pay him, it appears he will hit the open market.

“Obviously we have to take a look at what people signed for and what they’ll make going forward,” Jones said. “There’s some good football players that what they got paid might affect what we want to pay Anthony going forward.”