Jason Garrett gives glimpse to his passion

OXNARD, Calif. – The popular perception of Jason Garrett is that he is robotic, without personality because of how he often presents himself in the public through the media.

He is careful with his words so as to not give away secrets, whether big or small, so as to not hammer a player, whether he needs it or not.

If you ask his friends, that’s not who he is. He has a sense of humor. He has a passion. He is not what many people think.

Rarely has he let his guard down. He did it after the Cowboys’ win last year at Cincinnati on the day after Jerry Brown died. For five minutes straight he talked about Brown and Josh Brent, who was alleged to have been driving the car, and how the news affected the team. It was a shining moment for him.

On Monday, Peter King’s new Web site, TheMMQB, aired Garrett’s introductory speech to the players last Saturday.

The 35-minute speech touched on a number of subjects. It had passion, emotion and enthusiasm, which is what Garrett tells his players to have every day.

One quote: “The best (expletive) football teams I’ve been on, the quarterback held them accountable, the middle linebacker held them accountable, the pass rusher held them accountable, the tight end held them accountable. This is how we do stuff. This is the Cowboys. We’re trying to do something.”

At his daily press briefing, Garrett said he views speaking in front of the team as the most important part of his job.

“As a leader in any organization (you have to) provide perspective, inspiration and motivation and create a vision for your football team and do everything you can to get the right people to help you accomplish that vision,” Garrett said. “You have to give a path and a road map, but you also have to give some inspiration, you have to give some motivation to get out there each and every day to do the things they need to accomplish what that goal or vision is.”

Why did Garrett allow the cameras in? It wasn’t exactly his idea. He called it a collective decision, which means owner and general manager Jerry Jones had a big say in wanting it done. He did not believe any secrets were given away with a lot of the speech focusing on the dos and don’ts of camp, not the Xs and Os.

“We thought it was pretty innocuous to share,” Garrett said.

But did it help you see a different side to Garrett as he enters his third full season as head coach?