Dez Bryant risk worth it

OXNARD, Calif. – When the Cowboys traded up in the first round in 2010 to select Dez Bryant, some questioned the team’s decision to take a risk like that, considering Bryant’s background.

He did not have legal trouble, but he came from the difficult circumstances, to say the least. In his first two years with the Cowboys, he had minor off-field transgressions and last summer he was arrested after an incident involving his mother.

Since then, Bryant has only been a problem for opposing defenses.

The Cowboys have marveled about his maturity on and off the field, but there is no sense of vindication with how Bryant has worked out.

“Anytime you draft any kind of player it’s risky,” coach Jason Garrett said. “You’ve never seen the guy play in the National Football League. We felt great about Dez and certainly as a player and had really good sources who told us the kind of young man he is. We just felt like we had resources in our organization to help him grow as a person and grow as a player.

"His timetable, I think, is probably what we expected. Receiver is a hard position to transfer into in the National Football League. Some of the best guys, it takes them a couple of years to get going. Dez had a really good year his first year, had a really good year the next year and he really exploded last year. I don’t want to use the word risk, but I don’t think he was any greater risk than anybody else.”