Play of the Day: Barry Church's hit

OXNARD, Calif. -- Finding a physical safety has been a problem for the Cowboys for years.

The improvement of Barry Church at the position could change that.

In Tuesday's practice, Church did a nice job of reading a play targeting Dez Bryant. Bryant is a hard man to bring down. He plays physical and fast, and knowing this, a safety has to move toward the line of scrimmage quickly and be ready to make a hit.

On a Tony Romo pass to Bryant in the slot, Church moved quickly to the line and knocked Bryant to the ground. It was one of the rare times Bryant was knocked down hard during training camp.

The Cowboys are going to need Church to make more plays on the ball in the passing game, and of course in the run game. Both safeties are interchangeable with Church becoming a deep safety and Will Allen, the other safety, moving closer to the line of scrimmage.

But on the Bryant play, Church read things quickly and reacted with a hit. It's those tackles for losses from the safety position that have been lacking the last couple of years.

Church is back playing again after suffering a torn Achilles tendon early last season.