Cowboys Tracker: Dez Bryant

OXNARD, Calif. – There could be a lengthy debate about which Dez Bryant catch during Tuesday’s practice was the most spectacular.

The top candidates:

  • Bryant soaring over safety Barry Church and cornerback Brandon Carr to snag a touchdown pass on a seam route during team drills.

  • Bryant making a diving catch on an overthrown deep ball – his body parallel to the ground when the ball arrived – after getting past Morris Claiborne on a go route during 1-on-1s.

  • Bryant jumping to grab a high ball on a back-shoulder fade, snatching it despite snug-tight coverage by Claiborne in 1-on-1s.

  • Bryant using only his left hand to cleanly catch a hard-thrown ball on another back-shoulder fade in team drills, muscling Carr with his right arm to prevent the cornerback from making a play on the ball.

    Those were just the plays that Bryant made that drew the most oohs and ahhs. He caught a bunch of other balls. It’s hard to imagine a wide receiver having a more dominant practice performance.

    “I always feel like there’s always room to get better,” Bryant said. “I think just by going in, getting everything I already know, cleaning it up, sharpening it up the best way I possibly can and just learning more and more the coaches give me, I feel like I’ll be taking a step each and every day.”