Ben Bass building Cowboys resume

OXNARD, Calif. – When the phone didn’t ring after the 2012 draft, Ben Bass thought his days of playing football were over. On Tuesday, Bass was working as the Cowboys’ first-team defensive end.

Injuries to Anthony Spencer (knee) and Tyrone Crawford (Achilles) have elevated Bass’ status early in camp.

“It’s cool that it’s happening, it’s just not cool the way it’s happening the way people are going down in order for me to get there,” Bass said. “There are other ways I would’ve rather earned it, but it’s just the way the league goes. You’ve got to fit in.”

That Bass is in this position is remarkable. He did not get drafted after a middling career at Texas A&M. He was not even a priority as an undrafted free agent. A day after the draft the Cowboys called the Plano native for a rookie camp tryout. And he missed their initial phone call.

“I was on the way to the gym to start running and I was just getting ready to be a regular person,” Bass said. “All of a sudden I got a missed phone call and it was the Dallas Cowboys saying, ‘We want you up here on such and such a day.’ I came, showed up; I made plays and they put me on the team.”

What would he have been doing if that call didn’t come?

“I have no idea,” said Bass, who played in two games last year before an ankle injury ended his season. “That’s what I was preparing for. I was going to the gym and then I was going to build a résumé.”

That résumé, at least right now, says defensive end, Cowboys.