Romo, Frederick getting used to exchange

OXNARD, Calif. – Since becoming the Cowboys’ starting quarterback, Tony Romo has had to take snaps from five centers: Andre Gurode, Phil Costa, Ryan Cook, Kevin Kowalski and Mackenzy Bernadeau.

Travis Frederick is his sixth.

So far in camp, the quarterback-center exchange has not been an issue. Last year shotgun snaps were sailing here, there and everywhere. There has not been a poor exchange between Frederick and Romo yet, and just two snaps have ended on the ground.

“Just by reps alone you’re going to get a lot of work and then the 15 minutes that we’re going to spend just before practice during special teams,” Romo said. “It’s going to be snaps after snaps after snaps. You’ll get 50 snaps in just like that. That’s not including the other 50 you’re going to get at practice. In a day, who knows how many you’re getting, 200, 300, so that’ll get done pretty quick.”

As far as the shotgun snaps are concerned, Romo has had to adjust to something different from Frederick.

“Travis actually does some things very natural. He’s got a lot of heat on it,” Romo said. “He can almost throw it down, whereas a lot of those people you want it to get back there a little quicker. I tell him we’ve just got to get it to where it’s comfortable so it doesn’t come back too much, but that’s a better problem than the other way.”