Jason Garrett bringing unit accountability

OXNARD, Calif. – In recent training camps when a player would commit a pre-snap penalty, Jason Garrett would pull that specific player for a snap.

This year when a player commits a pre-snap penalty, Garrett pulls the entire offense.

“One of the things we really emphasize from a coaching staff standpoint and throughout our team is the word accountability,” Garrett said. “We have to take accountability for what we’re doing.”

The Cowboys had 28 false-start penalties in 2012, which ranked 31st in the 32-team league. Their 16 defensive offside penalties were 30th. They were 25th in delay-of-game (seven) and 12-men on the field (five) penalties. They were flagged for encroachment three times, which was 14th in the league.

The 59 pre-snap penalties accounted for 251 yards.

“We have to get better in the area of pre-snap penalties. There’s no secret to that,” Garrett said. “It’s a whole unit thing. It’s the offensive unit or the defensive unit. Everybody’s responsible for that. On offense, it’s the quarterback’s cadence, making it friendly to the offensive linemen. And obviously it’s the offensive linemen, receivers, backs and tight ends’ responsibility to stay onsides. We feel like it’s a good idea to make sure it’s not only the guy who does it, it’s everybody.”