Inside Skinny: Nate Newton's take on the interior O-line

Six-time Pro Bowl guard and three-time Super Bowl champion Nate Newton, now of ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM, will weigh in occasionally with his take on the Dallas Cowboys' interior offensive line. His thoughts after watching Friday's practice:

"Travis Frederick stayed on his feet in traffic pretty good today, but what bothers me is his hand placement in passing situations. He needs to be able to get his hands up in a guy’s chest by aiming at his facemask, and it’ll automatically fall into his chest, because he’s a big enough guy that they shouldn’t be able to sink and push him back in passing situations, whether it’s individual pass rush or team situations. I noticed when he missed with his hand placement, they get into him and push him back. He needs to toughen up on that.

"In the run game, he looked OK today. He got to the second level pretty good. He moved well, but we didn’t have a lot of run situations where it was congested going into the middle.

"Nate Livings was very, very rusty. Feet were slow, hands were slow, getting knocked back. During pass-rush drills and game situations against the defense, he didn’t look good at all. But that’s to be expected after four months of missing everything -- OTAs, minicamp, everything that matters.

"David Arkin looked great today. Good hand placement. Him and Doug Free worked well, very well today, especially against the pass-rush situations. He looked good today. He looked solid."