Fan interest a part of AT&T deal

OXNARD, Calif. -- The decision to change the name of Cowboys Stadium to AT&T Stadium had a lot to do with the money involved, but also the fans staying at home.

One of the initiatives of the NFL is to compete with the living room because of how well the games play on television. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones is on the NFL’s New Stadium Committee and is attempting to find ways to keep the fans happy.

The Cowboys believe the partnership with AT&T can lead to a lot of innovation.

“Fans do like to be connected,” Jones said. “They like to have their laptops. They like to have their pads. They like their smart phones and want to be able to use them. Certainly we have to be innovative enough not one for them to use them, but give them unique content they can’t get in the living room.”

The Cowboys were the first team to have cameras in the locker room before the games. The NFL has made it a requirement for every team now to give fans at the stadium a view of the inner workings. Jones did not want to eliminate any possibility of the stadium fans getting not only behind-the-scene looks, but also sounds.

“We never want to take fans for granted,” Jones said. “We need to keep them coming not only to AT&T Stadium but other venues around the NFL.”