Jones says Romo has looked very good

OXNARD, Calif. -- On the eve of Sunday's Blue and White scrimmage, Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said he's pleased with the play of his $108 million quarterback, Tony Romo.

"Very good," Jones said after Saturday's practice. "I like what he's doing. He's benefiting not only from on-the-field but off-the-field stuff. A lot of the stuff you're seeing out there is him and some of his things. Really good. Sit in on most of the after practice offensive meetings, and I know it's going good from their perspective in those meetings."

There was a controversy from the morning practice session regarding coach Jason Garrett's discussion with a reporter about sitting Romo for the Hall of Fame game next week. Jones said he didn't know anything about the controversy, but understood the thought process behind sitting Romo for the first preseason game.

"We just want to use our head," Jones said. "We've got five games to get the work in we think is good. We'll just use our head. We obviously want to see all these guys at the QB. But I didn't know there is any hubbub about it. Is there?"

Jones added: "You all sit down and tell me what you'd do, seriously, about just how much (to play him). Here he is, he's coming back, working himself into shape, I think really what Jason meant was with all these guys with a fifth game, we'll use our head and be sensible about it."

When training camp started there was some debate about Romo's weight.

Romo missed the entire offseason because of his recovery from back surgery to remove a cyst. Romo was listed at 236 pounds following the OTAs, and before the start of training camp Garrett said his quarterback was just one pound over his prescribed playing weight, which is assumed to be 230 pounds. During training camp practices, Romo has moved around the pocket well, especially when there's pressure.

On Saturday, he completed a few bootleg passes and didn't appear winded.

"I'm not seeing any differences," Jones said. "Maybe I see playing into shape, he looks a little more comfortable out there than when he started."