Wade Wilson involved in Callahan's process

OXNARD, Calif. -- Cowboys coach Jason Garrett likes to talk about the process a lot.

The process to build a football team involves many things, and when Garrett relinquished the play-calling duties this spring to Bill Callahan, the process continued.

Garrett has discussed the mechanics of play calling during offseason workouts and in the early stages of training camp.

Enter Wade Wilson.

The Cowboys' quarterbacks coach is the glue for the new way the Cowboys are calling plays in 2013.

Callahan will calls plays from the press box and those plays will get relayed to Wilson standing on the sidelines, who then relays the play to quarterback Tony Romo via walkie talkie. (NFL rules stipulate communication to the quarterbacks helmet receiver must come from the sidelines.)

During some plays, the process to get a play call to Romo will be streamlined because Romo will wear a wristband that has a set of plays on them.

Callahan said he's used wristbands with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. Wilson said he's also familiar with the system and doesn't expect too many problems.

"It's very natural. Coach Wilson has so much experience in the game, not only coaching quarterbacks, but playing quarterback for 18 years that is invaluable," Callahan said. "I really appreciate all of his assistance and help and what he does for our offense. In a lot of ways he’s an unsung hero.

"Nobody talks about Wade. He does a great job and he deserves credit, not only helping me, but with those quarterbacks."

This is Wilson's second stint with the Cowboys. He was the quarterbacks coach with the Cowboys from 2000 to 2002 and then left to coach the same position with the Chicago Bears in 2004. After the 2006 season, Wilson return to the Cowboys and has been a trusted ally for Romo and several other veteran quarterbacks, including Jon Kitna and Kyle Orton.

Wilson, of course, knows a alittle something about the position. He played 17 NFL seasons at quarterback, compiling a 36-33 mark while throwing for 17,283 yards and 99 touchdowns. He played with the Cowboys from 1995 to 1997, participating in 17 games.

Now, Wilson is trying to keep this thing Garrett calls the process running smoothly.

"I've been in this system for a long time and (will do) anything I can do to help Bill, and Jason is still very much involved as well," said Wilson, who was born in Commerce, Texas. "I'm just glad to be an active part of it."