Cowboys tracker: Kyle Orton

OXNARD, Calif. -- When the Cowboys signed Kyle Orton in 2012, there were no expectations he would start unless there was an injury to Tony Romo.

Orton didn't start any games last year, attempting only 10 passes late in the game against the Chicago Bears. Orton, however, was pretty busy this offseason when he received the first-team snaps as Romo recovered from minor back surgery.

Now that Romo has returned, Orton has looked pretty good at times during training camp.

Yet Thursday afternoon, Orton threw consecutive interceptions during a seven-on-seven drill. He bounced back when he made some nice throws during the team period, and wide receiver Dwayne Harris bailed the quarterback out with a sliding catch on a low throw.

"It's going good; camp is pretty much always the same," said Orton, a nine-year veteran who has played with four NFL teams. "Trying to get everything in and trying to get your game as good as you can. I feel good throwing the ball well and learning how to play with my group."

The Cowboys signed two young quarterbacks, Alex Tanney and Nick Stephens, not so much to take Orton's job but to get significant playing time during the preseason. Tanney really impressed the coaches with his work, especially with his ability to throw the ball deep.

"I've always worried about my game," Orton said. "I know where I need to get my game ready to go; that's my only really concern, is just getting my game ready to go."

What about the younger players?

"Yeah, that's fine," he said. "It's a league where young guys come in and try to take the job from the old guy. If you focus on yourself, you end up being fine."