Special feeling for Jason Witten, Sean Lee

CANTON, Ohio – As Bill Parcells unveiled his bust at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Jason Witten was among the thousands in the crowd taking a cell phone picture.

Witten was coached by Parcells from 2003-06 and views the now Hall-of-Fame coach as a mentor. The team arrived before the Hall of Fame ceremony and had a private tour of the shrine before sitting in the audience to hear Parcells and Larry Allen speak.

“It was a special feeling,” Witten said after Parcells’ speech. “Obviously coming into the league under a guy like him, you learn so much. He was a legendary coach before he got to Dallas, but he had a huge impact on a lot of us. I think I’m the player I am today because of the impact he had. It was neat to see him at this moment.”

Sean Lee did not play for Parcells, but the linebacker was riveted to Parcells’ speech. Parcells described the locker room and a “mythical kinship,” that develops and all of the good and bad that happens.

“I just know that it was fun to hear him describe the locker room,” Lee said. “I thought that was pretty appropriate. It was fun to see a guy that had that much success describe it like that point. It was awesome to hear.”