On second thought, no Moore for Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys appeared to have added a solid veteran to their offensive line Tuesday night, agreeing on a one-year contract with guard Brandon Moore. But after sleeping on it, Moore informed the Cowboys Wednesday morning that he had decided to retire.

Odd story, yes, but it may help explain why a well-regarded veteran like Moore had gone unsigned so deep into the offseason. If teams weren't convinced he was passionate about playing (which, clearly, he's not), and if he'd been giving off signals that he was considering retirement, that could be the reason there wasn't a line around the corner to sign him. Moore is one of the more thoughtful, high-minded players in the league, and it could be he's thinking more about the life that awaits him after football than about continuing his life in it.

Which, good for him, but that doesn't help the Cowboys very much, does it? There was some talk about veteran guard Brian Waters, who didn't play last year, and maybe they could revisit that. But they're banged up at guard with Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau both dealing with injury issues this camp, and for a few hours at least Moore looked like a nice upgrade. Now, they are back once again to the old, familiar offensive line drawing board.