Offbeat: Nerf football helps special teams

OXNARD, Calif. – The Cowboys are marketing geniuses.

They can market everything from a football team that has won one playoff game in 17 years to a bag of charcoal. It’s a wonder why they had not gotten around to including a Nerf football for the special team walkthroughs until now.

At the special teams walkthroughs, the Cowboys’ longsnappers work with a yellow Nerf football.

“Well, we’re not supposed to have a football during the walkthroughs,” L.P. Ladouceur said.

The Nerf football allows the longsnappers to simulate their work without a real Wilson leather football. Before the summer, Ladouceur would fake a snap but not be able to work on his blocks.

“I just held the ball,” Ladouceur said. “Now I can get my block because it’s squishy.”

Special teams coach Rich Bisaccia was the brainchild behind the Nerf ball, according to Ladouceur.

“I think it’s all they had at Toys R Us,” Ladouceur joked.