Sean Lee's goal: 'Get to every football'

OAKLAND, Calif. – The goal is simple for the Cowboys’ starting defense during its first preseason action under Monte Kiffin.

“We’ve got to play with a certain amount of effort and find a way to get to every football,” middle linebacker Sean Lee said. “We want to be around the football nonstop. It’ll be a good test for us from a conditioning standpoint.”

Lee and the rest of the defensive starters won’t see much action Friday night against the Raiders. They are expected to play only one or two series with a vanilla game plan typical for the preseason.

Kiffin’s Tampa 2 is widely considered a pretty simple scheme. The Cowboys will have many variations of the scheme, especially the coverages, but it won’t be nearly as complicated as Rob Ryan’s three-inch thick playbook.

The hope is that Kiffin’s scheme is easier to learn and execute, but Lee doesn’t see it as simplistic.

“I don’t think any scheme is simple if you try to master it,” Lee said. “Knowing it inside and out and trying to perfect it is what we’re trying to do. Until we do that, it’s not going to be simple.”