Orlando Scandrick shoves official at practice

OXNARD, Calif. – Cornerback Orlando Scandrick left Sunday’s practice prematurely after shoving one of the officials.

The contact occurred with the head linesman on the sideline after a play that direction. After his momentum led him into the official, Scandrick shoved the head linesman, resulting in a flag for a personal foul and what would have been an ejection in a game.

“I can’t say it was intentional, but he can’t make any contact with me,” the head linesman said.

Scandrick, who sat out the remaining 20 minutes or so with a towel over his head, acknowledged that he allowed frustration to get the best of him in this instance.

“It’s not a big deal. It was just frustration,” Scandrick said. “I was pursuing the ball and it was frustration. He tried to like brace me. In frustration, I kind of pushed him out of my way.”

Head coach Jason Garrett and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin said they did not have a good view of the incident. They will likely address the situation with Scandrick after reviewing the film.

“It can’t happen,” said Scandrick, who is well aware that shoving an official during a game would subject him to a fine or suspension. “Nobody needs to address it. I know what happens in this league and what can happen.”