Cowboys have plan to beat Texas heat

OXNARD, Calif. -- When the Dallas Cowboys return to practice at Valley Ranch next week, they will attempt to beat the heat by practicing at 8:15 a.m.

Temperatures rarely reached 75 degrees during the team's 25-day stay in Oxnard, Calif., allowing the Cowboys to get plenty of work done without having to worry about weather.

“We should be off the field by 10:30 (a.m.) and that should make it 8-10 degrees cooler than practicing later in the day,” coach Jason Garrett said. “We just think that’s a good thing. That’s the advantages of being out here. It’s going to be hot enough in Texas. We’ve got to get acclimated to that. That’s where we’re going to have practice once the season starts. For the next week or so we might continue to practice in the morning and see how that goes over. The contents, the meetings, the walkthroughs -- that stuff will happen afterward. Hopefully it’ll be a schedule that works for us.”

Since the opening of AT&T Stadium, the Cowboys have not played a day game in the first two months of the season with the roof and/or doors open, so playing in the heat is not much of a factor for home games. Their hottest away game in the first two months of this season figures to be Sept. 29 at San Diego.

Garrett said the morning practices would be difficult to continue in the regular season because of the amount of time it takes to install a game plan on Wednesday mornings.