Special teams problems continue

ARLINGTON, Texas -- It's pretty fair to say the Cowboys special teams units have been pretty bad this preseason.

In the Saturday night victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cowboys allowed a 75-yard punt return for a touchdown, a holding call on the opening kickoff, missed a 50-yard field goal and before the miss by Dan Bailey, the Cowboys had to call timeout because they had 10 men on the field. The Cowboys also gave up a 53-yard kickoff return late in the fourth quarter.

Oh yeah, punter Chris Jones hit the video board on a punt and after a review that ruled the play dead, on the re-kick, the Bengals Brandon Tate returned the punt for a touchdown.

"Yeah, obviously, the ball hit the screen and we had to punt it all over again and that's something you have to be weary of because your guys now have to run down there one more time," coach Jason Garrett said. "We didn't get in our lanes and didn't make plays when we were there. We will look at it critically (Sunday) when we look at the tape and get everything cleaned up. But those were the big plays in the ballgame."

Overall, the special teams units have allowed a blocked field goal, muffed two punts, gave up a 51-yard kickoff return and had two players get penalized for hitting the punt returner after he called for a fair catch this preseason.

"I'm not concerned about our special teams anymore than I am any place else," Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said.