Orton responds to rough outing with perfect series

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Perhaps the panic about Kyle Orton’s ability to be a backup quarterback was a bit premature.

A week after a woeful performance, Orton was perfect in his only series during Saturday’s win over the Cincinnati Bengals, completing 4-of-4 passes for 44 yards and a touchdown while engineering a 14-play, 86-yard scoring drive.

“I think he just played with really good poise and good understanding, and that’s how he’s always played for us,” coach Jason Garrett said. “(Orton) made a couple bad decisions for us last week and I know how it is; eats at you. It ate at him in practice and all week long I think he was dying to get out there and play again.”

Orton was picked off twice in the Cowboys’ loss to the Arizona Cardinals, but that was looked at as a hiccup by those within the organization.

The Cowboys have always been confident in Orton as a quality backup. Orton’s track record -- a 35-34 record as a starter with only 57 interceptions on 2,214 career attempts -- provided much more comfort than one poor preseason performance caused concern.