Cowboys won't contest Giants injuries

IRVING, Texas -- In the early stages of Sunday night's season-opener, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and tight end Jason Witten yelled at several Giants players for what they perceived as faking injuries.

At one point, Giants defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins fell down after a pass play and Romo yelled at him and the officials. Giants officials didn't announce Jenkins' injury and he did return to the game. Linebacker Dan Connor also went down, much to the debate of the Cowboys, but team officials said he had a burner and he didn't return. These players went down during the Cowboys' hurry up offense.

Following the game, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the Giants were faking injuries, Monday afternoon, Giants coach Tom Coughlin said that wasn't the case.

"It's absolutely not true," Coughlin said.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he didn't send anything to the league office regarding the actions of the Giants.

"Our officials do such a great job with handling all of those situations and that's a challenging thing for the league," Garrett said. "We obviously have such a great respect for the health and safety of our players. When somebody goes down you have to respect what's going on with that player and make sure you handle it the right way. The league has a good understanding of what you have to value in that kind of situation and they handled it well. I thought (referee) Tony Corrente did a great job with it last night."

Coughlin said Jenkins and Connor were both injured and noted, "Connor never returned to the game. And Cullen was in a position where he needed to regroup. So that wasn't orchestrated at all."