Jerry Jones likes the fast paced Eagles

Monday night the Philadelphia Eagles ran a total of 77 offensive plays, 53 in the first half in a victory over the Washington Redskins.

Coach Chip Kelly's fast paced offense has taken shape in the NFL.

Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones noticed.

"I watched most of that ballgame and they do get up to the line," Jones said on his twice-a-week radio show on KRLD-FM. "I think you better get ready. You don't get to substitute or you don't get to matchup as well. That's always been when you look at the Red Ball or the no-huddle (offenses). That's always been a challenge for a team. Some combination of that is pretty sound, relative to getting plays off, keeping the defense a little disjointed. I think it's also sound too, it's a good crisp way to run a football team. I don't know if that's a fad. That stepped up play is one that may have a place."

The Cowboys ran a version of a no-huddle in Sunday night's game against the New York Giants and also ran the new fad in the NFL, the Pistol formation with quarterback Tony Romo. The Cowboys produced 331 offensive yards by running 74 plays. A bulk of those plays, 49, were passes, particularly short passes.

"You still go back to does it in anyway create more hits for that quarterback," Jones continued when talking about the Eagles offense. "I didn't see that really, as much as I might have thought that was coupled with the stepped up play. They could be a real formidable team for us this year."