Dallas looks at '11 opener for help Sunday

IRVING, Texas -- The last time the Dallas Cowboys saw a defense like the one used by the Kansas City Chiefs came in the 2011 season opener against the New York Jets.

They lost 27-24 thanks to a late interception of Tony Romo by Darrelle Revis.

Kansas City defensive coordinator Bob Sutton was a Jets assistant under Rex Ryan. As the Cowboys prepared for Sunday’s game at Arrowhead Stadium, they looked back at the 2011 meeting with the Jets.

“You look at a lot of different games and you try to draw conclusions based on what we were doing and what they may or may not be doing,” coach Jason Garrett said. “You certainly focus mostly on what they’ve done in the first game and all throughout the preseason but you certainly are trying to get some information from elsewhere, also.”

Elsewhere includes offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan, who worked with Sutton for four years in New York before coming to the Cowboys last season. Having spent so much time practicing against Sutton’s defense, it might give the Cowboys an edge, especially since Callahan is running Garrett’s scheme.

“Having been with him for four years, he’s a great coach and I don’t think anybody knows the game better than Bob does,” Callahan said. “I learned a lot from him from my time in New York. He’s a veteran coach. He’s well respected across the league and a really smart, smart guy.”